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Customs Consultancy

Be completely up to speed with current regulations

With Australian Customs tightening up on Customs procedures and Customs Compliance checks becoming all the more common, it is essential to be completely up to speed with current regulations and ensuring that your organisation can be confident that it is doing things correctly.

What happens when Australian Customs does a Compliance Check?

At NCTS we recognise that many companies see this area as somewhat of a minefield and although trying to get things right, a compliance check from Australian Customs can bring up some nasty surprises. Australian Customs have the power to issue fines for non compliance and issue demand notices for any underpaid Duty and GST going back four years. The flip side of this is that if it is discovered that you have overpaid duty due to a miss-classification of a product for example, this can be claimed back from Australian Customs for the same time period.

Bespoke Customs Consultancy Service

Unlike many other freight forwarders who often rely on the letter of the law that it is the importers responsibility to keep its own house in order, we understand that a forwarder should offer a service above and beyond this in order to assist its clients and be more pro-active in its approach to these matters.

With decades of experience and a huge knowledge base in this field we are able to offer a bespoke Customs Consultancy service to clients to try and help them wherever possible. Our activities include reclaiming overpaid Duty, fighting your case against Australian Customs if you are facing fines or demands for unpaid duty, tariff classification and of course we are happy to look at any other Customs related issues you may have.

We can swift through your Customs activities and find savings

We also offer Customs health checks where we can take a look at your Customs activities and see if improvements can be made or money can be saved. Most importantly you can also gain the peace of mind that you are doing things right. Regardless of the size of your organisation, if you import or export goods to/from Australia we at NCTS look forward to hearing from you.

Our customs consultancy service is primarily aimed at the Australian market but we also invite enquiries relating to other Customs authorities.

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